Jason Clement ALS Fund

Jason is very fortunate to continue to be covered by his group health plan while receiving Long-term Disability benefits from his employer. Unfortunately, ALS is still a very expensive disease. Since Jason's diagnosis, he and Deb have had to purchase and move to a new home with a first floor master suite, which still needed costly modifications to make it fully accessible. They also had to spend $30,000 on a wheelchair accessible van, and $8,000 on a lift to safely move Jason in and out of bed. Also, this year alone, they will spend nearly $20,000, out of pocket, for home care for Jason. All of this is in addition to uncovered supplements, high deductibles, and costly co-payments. This is why we ask for your assistance, to help Jason and Deb battle this debilitating and life changing disease. THANK YOU for your consideration!


Due to limitations in the 501(c)(3) IRS tax law, funds established for an individual or family can not be granted 'Non-Profit' status. Therefore, any donations to the 'Jason Clement ALS Fund' are NOT a tax deductible expense per the IRS. Thank you for your understanding.

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