Terrific Tournament Weekend

THANK YOU to everyone who made the Fourth Annual Chip In for the Clements Fun’raising event a resounding success! This includes those that attended in person, were there in spirit, or supported the event in any way! The whole weekend was an absolute blast.

Top memories from the weekend, in no particular order; Hearing Ryno, Byrnes and Bingo tell me about their short-lived return to the basketball court after a15+ year layoff. Seeing the photos of my friend Brian lathered in an abundance of sunscreen at the airport, after TSA told him he had too much in his bottle to get through security. Enjoying the company of my out of town friends and family at the Thank You party Friday night. While I chose the Pirate and his pet dinosaurs as the best costumes. It was a tough decision over Firehouse 16 as Caddyshack, and Zach’s team in their overalls. Good luck recovering from those sunburns and the chafing fellas! Watching everyone’s reaction to my speech. I don’t know if anyone realized it, but it was prerecorded. I lip synced it, like the great Britney Spears! Hearing Brian tell me his story about calling into a sports radio show all hopped up on antibiotics and cold medicine. Apparently, he rambled on for so long, they hung up on him. Then, they made a remix sound byte of his call! Bake telling Guapo that he was too drunk to trust to take a photo of Bake and myself. Instead, Bake put his faith in Bingo! Yeah, you read that right, Bingo! Seeing the video of Bobby, the dinosaur, make a putt, and dance in celebration. Following the antics of the Jason heads on Facebook. There are several other stories that I agreed not to repeat, for good reason.

My least favorite memory. Getting crop dusted by Guapo Thursday night at the Beach House. Who does that to a guy that can’t move?

Best suggestion for next year’s tournament Putting Kevin Elliott in a dunk tank on the party hole!

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